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Winteriser Pool Pack - 1L Algaecide + 1L Starver + 1L Clarifier
Winteriser Pool Pack - 1L Algaecide + 1L Starver + 1L Clarifier

Winteriser Pool Pack - 1L Algaecide + 1L Starver + 1L Clarifier

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Prepare your pool so that it survives the winter season and is ready to be used when the warmer weather comes again.

Take effective measures against algal growth and keep your pool crystal clear to avoid nasty surprises like green water, high electricity bills, and costly jobs when summer comes back.


  • Winter protection
  • Kills ALL sorts of Algae
  • Removes phosphates (Algae's nutrient)
  • Does not cloud water
  • Non-Stain formula
  • Suitable for all pool filters
  • Suitable for saltwater, mineral and chlorinated pools
  • Suitable for all pool surfaces
  • Safe for swimming
  • Each pack is suitable for up to a 50,000 litres
  • Easy to follow instructions included

If you have any questions, contact Your Local Pool Shop for extra guidance.



1L Zodiac Pool Long Life Algaecide
Long lasting copper based formulation that attacks algae cells before toxic algal blooms take hold of your pool.

  • Long lasting
  • Contains 40g/L Copper present as Cupric Ammonium Complex
  • Dosage: 200mL per 10,000L

1L Zodiac Phosphate Remover
Highly concentrated formula removes the main source of algae nutrients to starve and prevent its growth. Suitable for all filters.

  • 100% organic and natural
  • Suitable for all filters
  • Contains 200g/L rare earth salts

1L Zodiac Natural Clarifier
Organic formula, made of crustacean shells that effectively bind micro particles such as dust and dirt so they are easily removed via filtration. It helps prevent oil & scum marks and improves filtration efficiency.

  • Organic formula
  • Helps prevent oil and scum marks
  • Improves filtration efficiency
  • Removes metals from water
  • Contains Chitosan

Instructions for winterising your pool
Easy to follow, detailed steps to prepare and protect your pool



Due to the nature of these products we are unable to offer refund or exchange on chemical purchases.If you are in doubt about your purchase please contact your local pool care professionals.