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Zodiac Glass Filter Media COURSE 15kg

Zodiac Glass Filter Media COURSE 15kg

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Zodiac Crystals are a type of filtration media that can be used as a direct replacement for sand or zeolite. Commonly referred to as glass media, it has environmental and sanitary benefits over traditional silica / sand media. Zodiac Crystal come in two grades: course and fine.

There are two grades of Zodiac Crystal Clear Filter Media. 

  1. Course: 1.0mm - 3.0mm
  2. Fine: 0.5mm - 1.5mm
The course are placed into the bottom of the filter to ensure no clogging occurs whilst the fine is then added above allowing the water to circulate through the filter tank for maximum efficiency.
  • More Effective Filtration
  • The combination of course and fine provides the best filtration. 
  • Glass media is far less prone to clogging than sand, and therefore provides a deeper, more effective filtration of pool water.
  • The better the flow rate through your pool’s filter, the more water you circulate each minute or hour. Simply by increasing your water flow rate with Crystal Clear, cumulative energy savings can be realised with more effective filtration.
  • Environmental benefits, save water.
  • When compared to regular sand, Crystals can save up to 65% of water through more efficient backwashing. This is due to the larger spaces between the particles which allows for a more efficient water flow. This efficiency will also result in a reduction of electrical power required, lowering the amount of carbon emissions sent into our environment.
  • Health benefits
  • The chlorine demand is lower for pools with sand filters using glass media than those with sand. 
  • Sand filters are more prone to house potentially harmful varieties of bacteria, one of the most common forms being legionella. Poorly maintained sand filters provide a breeding ground for such bacteria to thrive in. The smooth unique surface of Crystals discourages bacteria from attaching itself to the glass. Ultimately, it provides a healthier and safer pool for you and your family to enjoy.

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